Delivering first-class vending solutions to greater Minneapolis and Iowa

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Expect State-of-the-art vending Technology

Payment options

Choose the payment method that works best for you from mobile payment options to credit/debit cards or cash.

Guaranteed delivery

Infrared technology inside each vending machine uses SureVend to guarantee that a product drops or a refund is issued.

State-of-the-art equipment

Depend on modern, top-of-the-line and reliable vending equipment to deliver a seamless vending experience.

Wireless technology

Updated vending technology allows us to remotely see what is selling and have 100 percent accountability.

Pre-kitting benefits

Lightspeed, our warehouse fulfillment system, ensures that restocking your vending machine is quick and efficient.

Energy-saving technology

Our vending machines are ENERGY STAR® certified, protecting the environment and saving you money.

Lightspeed’s FastTrack

Transportation designed for first-class service

AH Hermel drives the nicest refrigerated trucks in the Greater Minneapolis and Iowa area to ensure that we deliver the freshest products.

Built with the newest technology including GPS
Operated by first-class drivers who provide excellent service.
Include a computer system that regulates the temperature for food safety
Water filtration cooler

Invest in your break room while decreasing the environmental impact

Sustainability Focused

Efficient machines

All equipment we place has been built to ENERGY STAR standards. It guarantees you have the most energy efficient vending machines at your site.

Energy Saving Lights

We have replaced all fluorescent lighting in our vending machines with quality LEDs. The bulbs are brighter while using less energy.

Emissions Reduction

Wireless data from vending machines and micro-markets allow us to build better routes and reduce the number of trucks on the road and emissions.

Eco-Friendly Practices

From our cardboard recycling program to our quest to reduce food waste, we strive to go green.

Use state-of-the-art vending technology to invest in your break room with AH Hermel at (800) 594-8444 or