Reward your Greater Minneapolis and Iowa employees with free food and beverages from your break room

Explore the pantry

Make the break room a benefit

With your local pantry service experts

Healthy choices

Encourage employees to make positive eating choices with free, healthy options.

Preferred perk

Complimentary food and beverages are a valuable perk for today’s employees.

Grab and go

Offer convenient, single-serve snacks, food and beverages at no cost to your employees.

Break room oasis

Create the ultimate break room destination and boost employee morale.

Pantry services in Minneapolis, St. Paul & Iowa

PARTNER WITH First-class Service

Top-notch pantry service is a based on a professional partnership. We work with you to design a program that meets your goals and budget.

Boost employee morale

Create a positive and social workplace culture with a sought-after employee benefit in a welcoming space.

Design the perfect space

Select your must-have items from our extensive product inventory to create a custom menu.

Promote productivity

Ensure your employees have a place to refuel their bodies as well as relax their minds with a pantry service solution.

Customized Menus to offer
sought-after refreshments

Invest in your employees by offering pantry service from AH Hermel at (800) 594-8444 or