Offer your Greater Minneapolis and Iowa
employees their own
full-service marketplace

Consult the experts

Provide a great employee perk
that promotes workplace wellness

Product selection

Choose from a wide selection of brand-name snacks, beverages and treats.

Company culture

Boost morale with employee perks that improve satisfaction and retention.

Increased productivity

Help employees refresh and recharge with an on-site mini convenience store.

Extra benefits

Promote micro-market visits by paying a portion or all product expenses.

Healthy choices

Expand your break room menu with premium, better-for-you options.

Refreshing convenience

Make refreshment simple with 24/7 access and self-checkout kiosks.

Self-serve micro-markets in Minneapolis, St. Paul & Iowa

The largest selection of popular products served in an inviting, open-market setting.

Our micro-markets are different. Our FDA, USDA and MDA approved in-house commissary prepares great-tasting, fresh food including salads, sandwiches, wraps and more daily. Because of our background in convenience stores, we understand how micro-markets work and offer an additional time saving perk by expanding your micro-market selections with additional products your employees can take home.

Micro-markets in Minneapolis, St. Paul & Iowa
Advanced security system

Our micro-markets are protected by 24/7 video camera surveillance and signage to let people know the facilities are monitored.

Minneapolis, St. Paul & Iowa micro-markets
Self-checkout kiosks

Self-checkout kiosks offer convenient payment options including cash, credit/debit cards and employee account cards.

Self-serve kiosks in Minneapolis, St. Paul & Iowa
Break room amenities

Customize your break room with amenities including microwaves, cabinets, racks, coolers and state-of-the-art fixtures.

Minneapolis, St. Paul & Iowa self-serve kiosks
Inventory Management

Simplify inventory management with an integrated on-line monitoring system to see sales and make inventory changes.

Transform your break room into the ultimate space with a micro-market from AH Hermel at (800) 594-8444 or