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Let us help make a statement in your break room with a huge selection of crunchy and seasoned, sweet and healthy snacks to choose from.

Invite your employees to stay on-site when they need a light snack between meals, a heavier snack to tie them over to the next meal or something sweet to satisfy their afternoon craving. With a variety of traditional and healthy brand name snacks including crunchy, spicy, savory, bold, baked and kettle-cooked chips, chocolate, candy and bakery goods, there is always something to enjoy. A convenient and fully-stocked break room also offers many benefits.

  • Satiated employees tend to be more productive.
  • Offering snacks on-site decreases the amount of extra time that employees spend away from work.
  • Employees don’t need to worry about where they will find their next snack especially if they work non-traditional hours or work at a remote location.
  • An inviting break room increases the chance of spontaneous conversations and increased creativity.

Delight Greater Minneapolis and Iowa employees and residents with first-class snack vending machines.

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Healthy Alternatives with Choice Plus

In addition to healthier snacks, AH Hermel offers Choice Plus options in our snack vending machines.

Items marked with the Choice Plus logo meet or exceed a set of predetermined nutritional criteria simplifying the process of deciding if something is healthy. It’s as easy as looking for the Choice Plus logo and enjoying a healthy snack.

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