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Custom ATM solutions

Do your customers always ask where the closest ATM is? That is a definite sign that an ATM machine at your location would increase sales. Provide your customers with instant cash to spend via a convenient, attractive, and reliable ATM machine while you enjoy the benefits.

Enjoy problem-free operation with our state-of-the-art ATM machines and attentive customer service.
Count on seamless service and maintenance 24/7 with a well-established network of technicians.
Offer your customers easy access to an ATM machine and reduce credit card and check related expenses.
Increase revenue with the typical ATM customers who spend 20 percent more than non-ATM customers.

Increase sales with
State-of-the-art technology

Encourage ATM machine usage at your business with welcoming, trustworthy and professional ATM machines.

Innovative, interactive, and intelligent, the NH-2700 CE is one of the most high-tech ATMs made. Its simple user interface makes it seem ultra-simple for your customers white its elegant lines allow it to fit into and complement your location. The enhanced user interface allows streaming of news and weather updates, background changes, advertising messages and vibrating touch screen. The LCD or LED topper works as both an attention-getter and an advertising platform.

Under the hood, the NH-2700 CE has relentless processing power including a super-fast 834 MHz processor. This allows for nimble multitasking, networking and impressive enhanced graphics. Advanced security options include anti-skimming detection, thermal sensor, Local Siren, auto remote report and enhanced safe door with locking mechanism.

Minneapolis, St. Paul & Iowa ATM service

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Lease to own

  • New Hyosung 2700 ATM - call for pricing
  • You fill with your own cash
  • You keep 90% of the surcharge
  • After 5 years you own your machine free and clear
  • You perform your own service with support from Hermel staff
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50/50 Split

  • Hermel owns and installs the machine
  • You use your cash to fill the machine
  • You split the surcharge 50/50 with Hermel
  • You perform your own service with support from Hermel staff
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Full service

  • Hermel owns, fills, insures, and services machine
  • Available only in Southern Minnesota
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Mobile Services

Offer your customers the convenience of cash while increasing your sales. Whether it’s at a county fair, sporting event, concert or other large event, AH Hermel’s Mobile ATM unit will meet you there. Our 5’ x 8’ trailer will provide cash (with the accompanying surcharge) for thousands of people who will be spending money throughout the event.


Enjoy the benefits of bundling your ATM program with a variety of additional services including vending service, coffee service, micro-markets, wholesale foods and food service items. As a family-owned broadline distributor, we can create a customized solution that meets both your and your customers’ needs at a competitive, low cost.

Provide your customers with an easy way to access their bank account with ATM services from AH Hermel at (800) 594-8444 or