Energize and Inspire
your Greater Minneapolis and Iowa business with a café-style office coffee service

Discover the OCS Difference
Office coffee service in Minneapolis, St. Paul & Iowa
Office coffee service in Minneapolis, St. Paul & Iowa

Experience the break room perk that has everyone coming back

Keep your employees on-site and happy with delicious coffee and tea options.

With top name brands such as Starbucks, Seattle’s Best, Maxwell House, Folgers, Bigelow and Lipton, as well as Roasters Alley Coffee, our own private label brand, there is a beverage for everyone.

We also provide all the supplies you’ll need, including an assortment of creamers, sugars, paper products and cups, and stir sticks. Your dedicated route driver will replenish supplies and beverages as needed, without you asking.

Minneapolis, St. Paul & Iowa office coffee service

Discover the benefits of a Keurig single-cup brewer

One machine. Many beverages. The Keurig single-cup brewer consistently brews a delicious cup of coffee or tea every time. Your employees and guests will no longer feel the need to go off-site for their favorite hot beverage. An authorized distributor of Keurig, AH Hermel delivers a large selection of flavors including different roasts, flavored coffees and teas, ensuring there is something for everyone. It’s as simple as choosing a flavor, inserting the pod and enjoying your hot beverage.


Expand your office coffee service’s reach one brewer at a time

Minneapolis, St. Paul & Iowa coffee brewers

Pourover brewers

Prepare high-volumes of great-tasting coffee quickly for everyone with traditional pourover brewers.

Coffee machines in Minneapolis, St. Paul & Iowa

3-burner brewers

Keep several pots of different coffee warm and ready to serve with a traditional, 3-burner brewing system.

Office coffee machines in Minneapolis, St. Paul & Iowa

Air pot brewers

Brew coffee straight into a high-quality air pot to ensure that your coffee stays hot and fresh throughout the day.

Hydrated Employees are Happier and More Productive

Water on demand

Enjoy the benefits of a plumbed in, bottle-less water filtration system from Ion.

Instantly chilled

Each touch of the button delivers a glass of freshly filtered and chilled water with Ion’s Instachill feature.

Limited on space

Ion offers two models to choose from: a floor or countertop model. Both deliver great-tasting water.

Meet all of your OCS needs with one call to AH Hermel at (800) 594-8444 or Customer.Service@ahhermel.com.