Raise Greater Minneapolis and Iowa
break room expectations with delicious fresh food

Choose Better Entrees

Fresh Food

Locally made with high-quality and healthy ingredients, our fresh food options include sandwiches, salads, wraps and fresh fruit.

Frozen food

Whether it’s a quick snack, a meal or dessert, choose from a comprehensive frozen food menu that includes our popular ice cream.

Custom menus

We’ll help you design a menu with a diverse selection of options. Have a special request? No problem. We will deliver what you need.

FDA approved

Our commissary team practices safe food handling procedures daily.

Water filtration cooler
Offering a sought-after break room perk

fresh food benefits
that appeal to everyone

Expanded Menu Options

Choose from a larger than usual list of fresh food options to create a menu that reflects your employees. It will delight your employees and keep them coming back.

An Inviting Break Room

Encourage employees to stay on-site during their break and enjoy a delicious and filling meal. Less time away from work and satiated employees can improve productivity.

Water filtration cooler

We take fresh food seriously

Step up your vending machine game with fresh food from our in-house commissary.

Our product development team works to mix things up seasonally and creates new breakfast, lunch and dinner selections for your employees and guests to enjoy.

Our in-house commissary is USFDA, USDA and Minnesota Department of Agriculture approved, meaning it meets the highest quality and safety standards. We apply freshness dates or labels to all perishable food items and transport perishables in first-class refrigerated trucks, delivering products according to your schedule to make sure you always have what you need. Count on us for top quality, great taste and guaranteed freshness.

Reconsider your fresh food vending machine menu with AH Hermel at (800) 594-8444 or Customer.Service@ahhermel.com.