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A Complete Vending Solution

Brand name favorites and specialty items brought to you by dedicated experts delivering outstanding service.

Brand name

Satisfy cravings and thirst with delicious snacks and hot and cold beverages.

Snack Happily


Stock your break room with fresh and frozen food and dessert options.

Taste the Future


Make it easy to find and enjoy better-for-you options in the break room.

Simplify Healthy


Invest in state-of-the-art vending technology for a seamless vending experience.

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Break room

Offer high-value, low-cost employee benefits such as subsidized or free vending.

Boost retention
Vending machine services in Minneapolis, St. Paul & Iowa


Present your employees with a customized menu of snacks, beverages and fresh food products in a beautiful, customizable retail space.

Healthy Choices

Empower your employees to make healthy choices with our corporate wellness program.

Innovative technology

Upgrade your break room with self-checkout kiosks, wireless inventory management systems and 24/7 video camera security.

Discover Convenience
Vending machines and traditional coffee service in Montgomery & Auburn

Invite creativity and collaboration with better office coffee service

Elevate your break room to a café-style Brew Center with top-of-the-line brewing equipment and sought-after coffee and tea brands. Deliver great-tasting hot beverages with refreshing and delicious water from a bottle-less filtration system or a free-standing unit.

Offer the Best

Treat Your employees

to the ultimate break room benefit with free snacks, beverages and fresh food.

Encourage Loyalty,

lower turnover and deliver higher productivity with a high-value benefit.

Choose the Hassle-free

option with automatic restocking and monthly usage reports and billing.


In-house commissary

Choose from freshly-made and delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner menu selections.

Picasso Pizza

Order the best pizza in town for your next sporting event, fundraiser or gathering.

Wholesale distribution

Simplify your day with quality options including frozen foods, small wares and candy.


Save time and money by working with the top provider of wholesale candy.

Janitorial supplies

Running out of janitorial supplies doesn’t have to be a problem. AH Hermel, your one-stop-service for janitorial supplies, will bring them to you. With no minimum order size and 24 hour a day service, order what you need when you need it, and we’ll happily deliver it.

Save Time
ATM Services

Reduce credit card expenses and increase revenue by placing a convenient, attractive and reliable ATM machine in your place of business. Enjoy additional benefits and discounts when bundling food service and/or vending services along with ATM services.

Expand your services

Expand your available refreshment options for your employees and guests with services from AH Hermel at (800) 594-8444 or Customer.Service@ahhermel.com.