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office coffee and micro markets in St. PeterVending Machines and Office Coffee Service St. Peter

St. Peter, your employees at your business deserves better. Better food and beverage access, better coffee, better water. When they get these things, they will be happier and more productive! Hermel Vending can help, with 75 years experience under our belt; we are the right choice to best serve your company’s needs!

Our state of the art vending machines will be placed, filled, and maintained by us, all free of charge! You only provide the electricity to run them, and with our “Vendmiser” equipped vending machines, that cost won’t be much at all! Vending machines come with a wide selection of products, including, but not limited to:

  • Coca Cola products
  • Pepsi Cola products
  • Candy, snacks, hot and cold food selections
  • Heart Smart healthy food and beverage choices
  • Coffee and other hot beverages

vending machines and water filtration service in St. PeterBetter coffee for your St. Peter business is just a call away!

Let Hermel Vending supply all the coffee needs of your St. Peter office, putting smiles on the faces of all your coffee thirsty employees and customers!

  • Bunn coffee brewers and single cup machines
  • Over 60 coffee choices!
  • Teas, hot cocoa
  • Cups, filters, napkins, sweeteners, creamers, and stir sticks
  • Stocked and checked for freshness every time we visit!

The water needs of your St. Paul business is something Hermel Vending can handle too. Whether it’s the five gallon water bottles, or if you are considering having a filtration system installed, we’ll take care of you! Our drivers are in constant contact with our main office, to service any of your needs that may come up.

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