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vending service and micro-markets in JordanVending Machines and Office Coffee Service Jordan

Hermel Vending is the vending service leader in Jordan and surrounding areas. We make a point to provide excellent customer service to all our clients, large and small. We have seventy five years of business success at doing just that, and customer service and the importance of our customers is why we’ve been around since 1935!

Vending services: We will install your vending equipment for free, keep them full, and maintain them for you, free! All you pay for is the electricity to run them, and with our modern vending machines with Vendmiser technology, that won’t be much! Your Jordan employees can enjoy their favorites from Pepsi Cola, Coca Cola and generic selections in their vending machines. We have snack vending machines, candy vending machines, coffee vending machines, hot and cold food vending machines, and vending machines with nutritional food and beverages that are low in calories, cholesterol and sodium. Something to satisfy all of your employees in your Jordan business, available at all times without leaving the office.

vending machines and office coffee service in JordanWater delivery: We can keep the H20 flowing at your Jordan location.

Five gallon water bottle delivery or we can install a water filtration system to your existing Jordan water supply to give you an endless supply without the storage hassles of the water bottles. All your hard working Jordan employees deserve great tasting water!

Coffee gets ‘em going every time. Going out the doors to go get some if you don’t have an excellent selection of coffee at your office! What a time waster! Hermel Vending will get you the supplies that will keep them going and back to their jobs fast! Coffee, filters, cups, and all the accessories fully stocked and ready to use!

Call Hermel Vending at (800) 594-8444 and we’ll come to your Jordan location and work with you in determining the specific needs of your business! Thanks for the opportunity to serve you! Or email us at