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vending service and micro-markets in BloomingtonVending Machines and Office Coffee Service Bloomington

Bloomington businesses have been enjoying the awesome service and quality products from Hermel Vending since 1935. Now it’s your turn! Call us at (800) 594-8444, and a representative will come to your Bloomington location and assess your needs in vending machines, coffee services, or water delivery. Great coffee and accessible food and beverages save your business money and can improve morale and productivity of your employees. Vending machines can be placed at your Bloomington business at no cost. Our “Vendmiser” equipped vending machines use 40% less power than conventional vending machines. Our drivers are in constant contact with dispatchers, and are GPS tracked so we can respond quickly and effectively to your needs. We deliver seven days a week, and stock the vending machines as much as your individual needs require so that you will not run out of your most popular selections.

We have Pepsi vending machines, Coke vending machines, candy vending machines, snack vending machines, vending machines with nutritional items, coffee vending machines, vending machines with hot and cold food selections, and much more.

vending machines and office coffee service in BloomingtonYour Bloomington break room can never produce the kind of coffee that can be had by allowing Hermel Vending to take over the chore of supplying and stocking for all your coffee needs.

Brewers, single cup coffee machines, coffee, filters, teas, hot cocoa, cups, napkins, creamers, sweeteners, and even stir sticks will always be on hand for your customers and employees. A delicious cup of coffee awaits you, satisfying even the pickiest of your staff.

Bloomington businesses can have Hermel Vending service their water needs too. Hermel Vending can deliver five gallon water bottles, or by installing a filtration system. Consult our representative for the many benefits and cost effectiveness of our filtration system.

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